A system supporting the management of the flow process for protective clothing at a company.

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The software was designed to server companies dealing with renting, leasing, washing and repairing work uniforms. Each item of clothing is labelled and identified with barcode labels and RFID tags. The system stores the history of clothing, its users, washing cycles, repairs and locations. The web version of the system extends the functionality with the possibility of accessing the system also for customers of companies that manage work uniforms.

The software supervises the full flow cycle of protective clothing, which consists of:

  • usage of the clothes
  • acceptance of clothing
  • handing over clothing for washing and/or repair
  • reissue of clothing
  • storage of seasonal clothing in the warehouse


Employee clothing

Employee by types of types, employees and companies.


Quantitative summary of the clothes that are no longer in use.


Report on the number and nature of repairs of clothes.

Clothes in stock

Clothes are handed over and ready for further use.

Company employees

Employee lists grouped by company.

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