What role does RFID technology play in the automation and control of processes in your company?

Innovative enterprises are increasingly leveraging digital data provided by computer systems. Increasing business efficiency can be achieved through monitoring and analysis of these data. Task automation is crucial in these processes, especially through the implementation of RFID technology. An example of this is our Ozon application - a health and safety management system.

In which industries and situations is the use of
RFID technology effective?

Industry and production

  • Registration of products, waste selection, packaging (including returnables),
  • vehicles and item identification, traffic and supply chain management,
  • Monitoring and management of articles as well as enterprise stock levels.

Offices and entertainment

  • Registration of entries and exits of people in the company / at the event,
  • Accelerating the registration of event participants by 80-95%,
  • Working time monitoring,
  • Room access control,
  • Records of documents and files,
  • Warehouse inventory.
grafika przedstawiająca robotników obsługujących system zarządzania BHP
grafika przedstawiająca system zarządzania BHP i ludzi przechodzących przez bramki rfid

Construction, tool shops and equipment rentals

  • Material control, tool management, article search.
  • Monitoring of a specific piece of equipment,
  • History and rental duration of a particular equipment.

Trade, distribution and records of OHS clothing

  • Significant reduction of inventory time,
  • Smart fitting rooms,
  • Tracking the individual stages of a product's lifecycle,
  • Control of the circulation of protective clothing in the company, user history, washing cycles, degree of wear of a particular item of clothing.
grafika przedstawiająca kod kreskowy jako część systemu zarządzania BHP
grafika przedstawiająca pracowników pralni używających systemu zarządzania BHP do obrotu brudną odzieżą

Advantages of using systems based
on RFID technology in your company

RFID as one of Alfa-Net's many specializations

RFID as one of Alfa-Net's many specializations The RFID system is one of the most developed and advanced technologies used in business. It enables, among others, simultaneous and faster reading of many tags within the range of the device, even those which are in motion.

  • Reading data from the tag without the need for its visibility,
  • One tag used many times - for different process cycles,
  • Recording lots of data on one medium,
  • Possibility of encrypting and editing data in tags.

RFID as one of Alfa-Net's many specializations

  • RFID as one of Alfa-Net's many specializations At Alfa-net, we have been developing and implementing software based on RFID technology for 10 years,
  • We constantly refine our applications, their functions and new solutions by testing them at our headquarters. We use special workstations to simulate the processes taking place in your company,
  • We are responsible for every stage of our project. From setting the parameters of sensors and readers, through creating and configuring a dedicated application, to optimizing and testing the finished system.

OZON - Custom Health and Safety Management System. An example of a comprehensive project by Alfa-Net.

What is OZON?

OZON System supports the management of turnover of workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) in enterprises.

The program is primarily designed for companies engaged in renting, laundering, and repairing workwear. By labeling each piece of clothing with barcodes and/or RFID tags, we can identify it within the system. Ozon stores the entire history of clothing, its users, the number of laundry cycles, repairs, and locations. The web version allows access to the system for clients of companies managing workwear as well.

Ozon also has applications in enterprises as health and safety management system - articles and protective clothing.

The program oversees the full cycle of trading in protective clothing, which consists of:

  • acceptance of clothing
  • usage of the clothes
  • handing clothes over to the laundry and/or repair,
  • reissue of clothing
  • storage of seasonal clothing in the warehouse

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The most important reports generated by OZON

Employee clothing

Employee by types of types, employees and companies.


Report on the number and nature of repairs to clothes.

Company employees

Lists of employees grouped by company.


Quantitative summary of the clothes that are no longer in use.

Clothes in stock

Clothes are handed over and ready for further use.

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