Industry 4.0
We will expand your business.

For 20 years we have been helping to monitor and improve production and production-related processes based on industrial automation and IT systems
Along with the support of the dedicated applications developed by us.

For 20 years, we have been creating industrial software solutions for Siemens AG which are used all over the world.

Our software is used:

  • in Volkswagen and BMW factories,
  • at Heathrow Airport,
  • to monitor the operation of wind farms,
  • in cement plants,
  • in printing houses,
  • and in many other industries.

What makes us stand out?


20 years of creating software technology for companies such as Siemens AG.


100% satisfied customers.


A permanent team of very experienced programmers, the lowest turnover on the market.


A wide network of partners that allows you to choose the right resources for each project.


Knowledge of RFID radio technology, possible to be implemented in any industry in the field of equipment supervision, access control.


Specialization in technical, manufacturing and industrial industries. Skillful combination of the world of machines and programming.

Want to know more?

How do we work?

Industry 4.0 poses many demands for our clients To effectively help them meet the challenges, we employ a series of actions ensuring the best communication throughout. projektu.

At the outset, we get to know each other and arrange a meeting to identify the scope of the company's needs.

We get to know your company - needs diagnosis . If there is a need for more details - we visit your company.

Our team analyzes the data obtained during the meeting.

We choose a proper solution suitable for your needs based on available products or create a dedicated one.

fundusze europejskie

We help to obtain financing from the European Union funds - as part of the Industry 4.0 development program.

We implement solutions and train employees providing constant support for our systems.

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REFERENCES from our Clients

We have been creating software for SIEMENS AG for 20 years.


Thanks to this cooperation, our proprietary solutions
and finished products, we can boast of an ever-growing base of satisfied customers.

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