Do temperature spikes have an important impact on your business process?

Monitoring temperature excursions is an integral part of the business processes of many types of activities in the market. Excessive or too low temperatures can result in damage or even destruction of sensitive goods.

Where is temperature control and maintenance important?

Transportation of food or medical supplies - for example vaccines

Transportation of exotic
plants or animals.

grafika przedstawiająca ciężarówkę transportującą kwiaty
grafika przedstawiająca ogrzewanie podłogowe

Underfloor heating temperature control for
detection of installation errors.

Temperature control during production processes to monitor the condition of consumables or manufactured details.

Why are we the ones who will help you implement this technology?

We know how to monitor temperature violations in your sensitive goods.

  • We record and analyze data from temperature and humidity sensors to confirm that the conditions for their transport or storage are met,
  • Our advantage in implementing technology is our experience in technical, production and industrial sectors combined with the understanding machine operation and the accompanying processes,
  • We have a wide network of partners that allows us to choose the right resources for each project.

FCM - dedicated application
developed by Alfa-Net

FCM (Floor Condition Monitoring)

Monitoring temperature excursions of the substrate.
The system monitors exceeding the threshold programmed in the temperature sensor and records it until it decreases below the set threshold. The sensor records the temperature, date, and time, which along with location data, are stored in the database. Thanks to the use of technology UHF RFID temperature control is wireless and secure (data to the reader is transmitted only upon activation of the sensor by an impulse from the reader), and most importantly, it takes place without the need for floor destruction or dismantling.

Floor Condition Monitoring (FCM)

Benefits of using the system


Providing temperature control for the duration of the warranty on the floor installation service.


Report on the number and nature of repairs to clothes.


Lists of employees grouped by company.

Elements in the kit:

grafika przedstawiająca czytnik rfid
grafika przedstawiająca programowalny tag rfid będący częścią systemu kontroli temperatury FCM

Application of the FCM system in practice

grafika przedstawiająca procesor
Chips placed in close proximity to the heat source, under the floor.
An engineer notes the EPC number of the installed chip and the location.
In the application, the contractor assigns the EPC number and the date and time of installation to the installation location and he or she notes the type of subfloor and floor. The data is saved.
grafika przedstawiająca czytnik kodów kreskowych systemu zarządzania BHP OZON
In the event of a complaint report, using the reader, the history of temperature excursions since the chip activation time is read.
The scanned history, with the location of the chip, is saved in the application, from where it can be exported as a .csv file to a computer and printed or sent by e-mail.

Benefits of implementing the FCM system


  • easy determination of the cause of floor damage due to increased temperature in a given period,
  • no need to dismantle the floor in order to monitor the temperature of the substrate,
  • assistance in pursuing claims from the insurer.


  • register of completed projects,
  • assistance in pursuing claims from the insurer.


  • statistics to improve the technology,
  • the possibility of detecting possible production errors,
  • assistance in pursuing claims from the insurer.