Optimization of production processes and monitoring the condition of machinery in your company.

Continuous monitoring and control of the condition of machines along with their consumables results in increasing the efficiency of your company and reducing the costs associated with production downtime. Most often, the failure of one of the elements of the production line means that it must be completely shut down, which in turn generates huge costs. Thanks to our work, you will minimize this risk and optimize production processes.

Optimization of production processes in your company. Learn more!

Machine condition monitoring

Monitoring the condition allows for early detection and localization of emerging machine failures. This translates into proper planning of service activities and optimal utilization of the lifespan of important components. Sensors can be used to monitor any elements and factors to which machines are subjected.

Vibration monitoring and detection

Every machine generates vibrations during its operation. The stronger vibrations and their amplitude, the shorter the life of the machine and its consumables. This carries the risk of unplanned related downtime failure and maintenance costs.
Vibration sensors together with dedicated software allow
you to control these parameters and react to strong or irregular vibrations that threaten both the production processes as well as the machine itself.

grafika przedstawiająca mechaniczne ramię maszyny trzymające paczkę optymalizujące procesy produkcji
optymalizacja procesów produkcji poprzez wizualizację przekroczeń progu krytycznego i generowanie alertów

Measurements of the working parameters of the production machine

The goal of optimization is usually production variables such as machine operating hours, the number of processed parts/details, the frequency of replacing consumable parts, and tools used in the machining process (e.g., cutting), etc.

Condition of consumables

Thanks to our solutions, you can monitor
machine status and control the condition and wear of individual consumables. A failure of one of them during normal operation may result in damage to the other elements i.e. the production detail processed on a given machine or the production machine itself.

ikona przedstawiająca monitor systemu optymalizacji procesów produkcji
optymalizacja procesów produkcji poprzez wizualizację zużycia poszczególnych części - wiertło jest już mocno zużyte co jest sygnalizowane alertem

What can you gain
by working with us?

Supporting tools
for Maintenance Services
Stabilization of production capacity
Reducing unplanned downtime
  • Stabilization of production capacity
  • Safe increase in production efficiency,
  • Extended machine life,
Cost optimization
Implementation of new solutions
EU funding in joint projects
  • Reducing the costs of servicing production machines,
  • The highest standards of project implementation supported by certificates,
  • Support in obtaining EU funds for the implementation of our software.

We create, implement and develop dedicated applications

Innovative projects for business

One of the largest projects in which we have been actively participating for many years is the CMS X-Tools program, which was created in cooperation with Siemens AG.

Dedicated industrial systems

We create and develop dedicated software to streamline the optimization of industrial processes.

CMS X-Tools - dedicated application
created and developed by Alfa-Net

CMS X-tools (Condition Monitoring System)

Optimization of production processes

Industrial system for continuous monitoring of machine condition, supporting effective solutions to maintenance-related issues. It aids in equipment maintenance planning and production process optimization.

CMS X-Tools is a combination of a solid hardware base with innovative IT solutions.The CMS X-Tools system is modular, allowing for extensive customization of its individual components. This enables precise adjustment of the program to the specific needs of particular clients

condition monitoring system (cms)

The main functions of the X-Tools CMS system

  • visualization of current and saved measurements and analyses,
  • large library of analytical logic functions (e.g. fast Fourier transform),
  • dialog box manager that allows flexible adjustment of the window layout to the user's requirements,
  • archiving and retrieving data collected by monitoring devices,
  • advanced data recording capabilities - recording triggered in response to specific values of input parameters or a time trigger,
  • notification of alarm states by e-mail,
  • solving analytical tasks by creating your own logic diagrams using predefined modules or using the available scripting language,

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